​Jan 9 & 16  - Online Event! 

Kathy Groves Workshop 1 Poinsettia or Teatime 

Jan 19 & Feb 2 - Online Event! 

Kathy Groves Workshop 2 Paintbox or Fractured Star 

Jan. 25 - Online Event! 

“Why We Quilt” interactive session with LHQ members around the topic of what inspires us to quilt. Based on the book “Why We Quilt” by Thomas Knauer.

Feb. 22 - Online Event! 

Daisy Aschehoug “Traditional handcraft meets contemporary style”

Feb. 23 - Online Event! 

Daisy Aschehoug workshop “Spinoff” 

Mar. 29 - Online Event! 

Heather Givans- Crimson Tate modern quilter

Mar. 30 - Online Event! 

Heather Givans workshop “Succulent Garden” 

​Apr. 26 - Online Event! 

Susan Deshensky- Quiltworkx Certified Instructor 

May 24 - Online Event! 

Robin Long “Modern Mariner’s Compass- Strip Pieced”  

May 25 - Online Event! 

Robin Long workshop “Strip Pieced Mariner’s Compass” 

June 28 - Online Event! 

Patricia Belyea”Alluring World of Japanese Yukata Quilts” 

July 26 - Online Event! 

Rummage Sale 

Aug. 30 - Online Event! 

School House Workshops 

Sept. 27 - Online Event! 

Julia McLead & Sue Fox “Silk and Salvage: New quilts from rescued materials” 

Sept. 28 - Online Event! 

McLead/Fox Workshop-Improvisational Piecing-Crazy Patchwork Recipes 

Oct. 25 - Online Event! 

Brenda Gael Smith “Driven to Abstraction” 

Oct. 26 - Online Event! 

Smith Workshop “Freeform Piecing Circular Designs” 

Nov. 29 - Online Event! 

Holiday Party

Annual membership is $30.
Join anytime!

2021 Lighthouse Quilters Guild Programs
Annual membership is $30. Join anytime!

For more information on programs, contact Laura Sanders, 262-672-5014. 

All programs are no charge to members.