Lighthouse Quilters Guild

Standing Rules

As Amended June 2014


The purposes of the Guild are (1) to promote the art of quilt making and related textile areas; (2) to provide educational opportunities; (3) to encourage the sharing of members’ talents and fellowship; (4) to share the quilting arts with the community; and (5) to preserve our quilting heritage.


The Board of Directors is made up of 11 positions: President, Vice President Planning, Vice President Programs, Vice President Membership, Secretary, Treasurer, Newsletter Editor, Hospitality, Historian, Librarian and Publicity.  The term for each position is two years.  Half of the Board is replaced every other year with the exception of VP Planning and VP Programs (see bylaws for details).  Job descriptions for all positions will be updated every two years by the outgoing person who held the office.


Board meetings are held the first Monday of each month, including December, which will be for both incoming and outgoing board members.  Guild meetings are held 11 times per year on the last Monday of each month, January through November (except May – that month’s meeting is held the week before Memorial Day).  The meetings are held at 7 p.m. at The Lutheran Church of the Resurrection Fellowship Hall, 322 Ohio Street, Racine, WI.  The July meeting is the annual potluck picnic and the November meeting is the Holiday Party.  The times for the July and November meetings vary slightly, and the November meeting may be held in a different venue.  The times and scheduling of the picnic and the Holiday Party may be changed at the discretion of the Board.

The general format of the meeting is: introduction of new members and any guests, introduction of the guest speaker (if any) by the VP Programs, a brief business meeting, door prizes, show and tell, introduction of the hospitality committee for the evening, refreshments and adjournment.


Dues are set by the Board of Directors.  Currently the annual dues are $30.00.  Membership is open to anyone interested in quilting.  The year runs March 1 to February 28 of the following year (membership fees may be prorated at the discretion of the VP Membership).  Members are asked to make a name tag of their choice.  If a member forgets her nametag, she will receive an adhesive name tag for a donation of $0.50.  Members are asked to participate on the Hospitality committee once per year. The Mission Statement, By-Laws and Standing Rules are included in the President's Book, along with other pertinent information.

A guest may attend one meeting without charge, unless the speaker is nationally-known (to be determined by the VP of Programming), in which case all guests will be charged $5.  If a guest would like to attend more than one meeting, then she will be charged $5 for every subsequent meeting she attends.

Service Projects

The guild is involved in several community service projects – see the website or the newsletter for more details.  All members are asked to make one community service quilt each year to be donated to the charity of their choice.


The guild maintains an extensive library. Members can check out books, DVDs, videos and tools for a month. The website contains a complete list of all materials available.


In December, Church regulations require a member of the church to fill out a request for LHQG to use the church for meetings – see the President’s job description.

LHQ Board members are not required to serve on a Hospitality Committee unless they so choose.

Members are not required to sell raffle tickets.

The newsletter is published monthly and is posted on the website.

The guild maintains a Post Office Box for written correspondence.  The Treasurer pays the annual fee by July 31, to ensure the guild keeps the same box.

The President will submit and monitor all the changes given to the webmistress.  The domain name change is the responsibility of the editor(s) – see job description for details.