amended June 2018

The name of this organization will be "THE LIGHTHOUSE QUILTERS GUILD" (hereinafter referred to as the "Guild").

The purposes of the Guild are (1) to promote the art of quilt making and related textile areas; (2) to provide educational opportunities; (3) to encourage the sharing of members' talents and fellowship; (4) to share the quilting arts with the community; and (5) to preserve our quilting heritage.

Section 1.

Membership shall be open to any individual interested in the art of quilting and the purposes of the Guild as stated in Article II. Names shall be added to the membership roster upon written application and payment of annual dues.

Section 2.

Membership dues for the fiscal year of March 1 through February 28 shall be determined by the Board of Directors and shall be payable by February 28 of the new year.

Section 1. Number
The Officers of the Guild shall be a President, three (3) Vice Presidents, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and the Board of Directors.

Section 2. Elections and Terms of Office
a) The Officers shall be elected with other Directors at the Annual Meeting of the Guild membership in October. Terms of office shall be for two (2) fiscal years with one-half (1/2) of the Officers and Directors being elected every other year. The exceptions: (1) The VP Planning shall be elected yearly for a two-year term: the first year serving as VP Planning and the second year serving as VP Programs and (2) a Newsletter Team shall be elected for a two-year term. The offices of President, VP Membership, Secretary, Librarian, and Social Media shall be elected on odd-numbered years. The offices of Treasurer, Hospitality, Historian and Publicity shall be elected on even-numbered years.

b) If the office of President is vacated before the completion of the term, the VP Programs shall also assume the duties of the President. If any other office is vacated before the completion of a term, such vacancies shall be filled by appointment of the President and shall serve for the remainder of that term.

Section 1. President
The President shall manage the business of the Guild; shall prepare the agenda and preside at all meetings; shall appoint ad hoc committees as necessary; and shall serve as an ex officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee.

Section 2. Vice Presidents
a) The Vice President Planning shall be responsible for developing programs and contracting speakers for the upcoming year's meetings and researching appropriate facilities for workshops as needed.

b) The Vice President Programs shall make final arrangements for the programs/speakers booked the previous year; will be reimbursed for their meal when taking a speaker to dinner;  shall introduce the speakers at each meeting; and in the absence of the President, shall assume the duties of the President and/or Co-President.

c) The Vice President Membership shall be responsible for membership development; collecting annual dues; keeping an accurate, up-to-date membership list; and shall publish a yearly membership directory.

Section 3. Secretary
The Secretary shall keep all of the records of the Guild; shall attend all meetings of the Board of Directors and the Guild; shall record minutes covering all meetings.

Section 4. Treasurer
The Treasurer shall have custody of all monies of the Guild including handling of all funds, with authority to deposit and disburse monies in the course of business of the Guild, subject to control by the Board of Directors; shall keep accurate records of all financial matters and shall prepare financial reports for presentation at all Board meetings, and quarterly at Guild membership meetings; shall prepare and submit a budget proposal for the upcoming year to the Board at the end of each fiscal year; and shall submit all records for audit at the end of the fiscal year and/or term of office.

Section 5. Newsletter Team
The Newsletter Team shall be responsible for soliciting, gathering and editing material for a monthly newsletter with cooperation from the Board. The newsletter should be made available to the membership by e-mail or distribution by members to other members.  The Newsletter Team will oversee distribution. They are responsible for emailing the newsletter to the webmaster for inclusion on the website.

Section 6. Hospitality
The Hospitality Director shall set up monthly committees to supply and serve refreshments at each membership meeting; and shall be responsible for all aspects of the Christmas party except the program for that meeting.

Section 7. Historian
The Historian shall be responsible for maintaining and compiling a record of all newspaper and magazine articles and photos related to Guild activities.

Section 8. Librarian
The Librarian shall maintain a lending library of quilting books, magazines, and videos; shall, in the event of the death of a member, purchase a book or video for the Guild library as a memorial.

Section 9. Publicity
The Publicity Director shall promote the Lighthouse Quilters Guild publicly wherever appropriate; shall compile information on area quilt shows or items of interest and inform the membership through the newsletter.

Section 10. Social Media

The Social Media Director shall work with our webmaster to maintain our website with current information and be the liasion for the Board and Quilt Show committees. She will also oversee they Yahoo Group and the Facebook accounts.

Section 1. Finance Committee
A Finance Committee composed of the Treasurer and four (4) Board members shall be appointed by the President promptly after the Annual Meeting in October. It shall be the duty of this Committee to propose a budget for the fiscal year beginning the first day of January and to submit it to the Guild at the regular meeting in January. The Finance Committee can, as necessary, submit supplements to the budget for the current fiscal year.

Section 2. Nominating Committee
The outgoing President of the current term shall chair a Nominating Committee for a period of two (2) years. This Committee shall consist of two (2) additional members appointed by the Chairman. It shall be the duty of this Committee to nominate candidates for the offices to be filled at the October meeting. The Nominating Committee shall present the proposed slate at the September meeting with additional nominations from the floor permitted.

Section 3. Other committees
Other committees (standing or ad hoc) shall be appointed by the President as the Board or the Guild shall deem necessary to carry on the work of the Guild. Terms shall expire at the end of the fiscal year or they may function until such time necessary to accomplish the purpose of the Committee. The President shall be an ex officio member of all Committees except the Nominating Committee (Article V. Section 1.).

Section 1.

The regular meetings of the Guild shall be held on the last Monday of each month from January through November with the exception of May when, due to the Memorial Day observance, the meeting may be on the previous Monday.

Section 2.

The regular meeting on the last Monday of October shall be known as the Annual Meeting and shall be for the purpose of electing Officers and the Board of Directors, receiving any necessary reports of Officers, including the annual report by the Treasurer, and for any other business that may arise.

Section 3.

A majority of members present at any meeting shall constitute a quorum.

Transaction of business in meetings shall follow "Robert's Rules of Order" in its current edition.

These By-laws may be amended at any regular meeting by a majority of the members present and voting, provided that the amendment has been included with the notice of the meeting in the newsletter or in writing at the previous regular meeting.

Standing Rules for the further governing of the Guild shall be adopted by the Board of Directors and may be adopted, amended, waived or rescinded at any regular or special meeting of the Board by a majority vote.

Upon the dissolution of the Guild, the Board of Directors shall pay or make provision for the payment of all obligations of the Guild. The Directors shall dispose of all of the assets of the Guild in a manner appropriate with the purposes for which the Guild was organized: to further and preserve the art of quilting.